Plants that Brings Fortune to Your House!

As you already know, the function of the presence of plants in the house is that it can be used as a complement to decoration, to make the house cooler, and can be a cure for the disease. But did you know that plants can carry hockey? Yup, believe it or not, now there are many, you know, types of plants that can make your home a place of good luck. Feng Shui experts say that plants can provide positive energy for homeowners and can provide calm. Well, this time, we will discuss any plants that can bring good luck to your home following the review.

1. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

The first lucky plant is peace lily. As the name implies, this plant is believed to be able to bring peaceful energy to anyone who is at home. In addition, peace lily plants are categorized as plants that can purify the air to be fresher and can absorb harmful toxins. Tips for those of you who are interested in putting this plant at home that is not directly exposed to sunlight, therefore you can just put it in the corner of the room.

2. Decorative Bamboo

Decorative Bamboo

Surely you are no stranger to not hear bamboo plants? Yes, bamboo is not only known as a unique plant but is believed to provide positive energy and good fortune for homeowners. Bamboo hockey is suitable for you to put outside or inside the house. This one lucky plant turned out to be able to live on two media tablets, namely land and water media. If you want to put it on the ground media, you must pay attention that bamboo is not strong in direct sunlight. In addition to the water media, do not use too much water because it will rot quickly.

3. Sri Rejeki

Sri Rejeki

As the name implies, the next lucky plant can bring sustenance. Another name for Sri Rejeki is Aglaonema. The leaves have a green color to red color. Believe not believe, the clearer the color of the leaves that appear, the more luck will come. You can put Sri fortune on the terrace of the house, huh!

4. Orchid


The next lucky plant is orchids. Apparently, orchids are believed to be able to give luck in terms of romance, you know! Beautiful orchid shape and color add aesthetic value to this plant. Orchid is perfect for you to put in your bedroom. The advantage possessed by orchids is being able to release oxygen at night, thus making your sleep quality better.

5. Money Tree

Money Tree

Sounds unique? But this tree doesn’t have money. Another name for the money tree is the Pachira Aquatica. This plant has a leaf shape that resembles a human hand because it has five finger leaves with a pointed tip. According to the science of feng shui, money trees are believed to have an effect on health and good fortune, you know! If you want to have a money tree at home, you can put it in the corner of the living room.

So are you interested in putting one of the fortune-carrying plants at home? Who knows, later you can bring good luck to you, you know! Hopefully, this article is useful! Don’t forget, check out other interesting articles only here!