Get to know Na Tree – The National Tree of Sri Lanka

Commemorating 65 years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Sri Lanka, the Bogor Botanical Gardens get extraordinary special collections in the form of the Sri Lankan National Tree, Na Tree (Mesua ferrea). Tree planting submitted by the Ambassador of Sri Lanka for Indonesia and ASEAN, H.E. Dharshana M. Perera was held at the Plant Conservation Center (PKT) of the LIPI Botanical Gardens (Bogor Botanical Gardens), Bogor City on Monday (07/02/2018).

Na Tree was decided as the National Tree of Sri Lanka on February 26, 1986, because this tree is most closely related to the Sri Lankan people socially and habitually for thousands of years. This tree has special value for the people of Sri Lanka. This is closely related to the Sri Lankan people in some centuries before who did not use it a little like an ancient Aryuveda medicinal plant, wooden buildings in ancient temples and bridges.

The flowers are among the parts of worship in religious rituals and adorn the national park with the beauty of trees and flowers. In Indonesia alone, especially in Java, the Na Tree, known as the Nagasari tree, has little benefit in both its wood and fruit and flowers. Some ethnic groups believe it is a repellent tree.

This tree which is a rare plant in Sri Lanka is one of the fortified species because of its connection with national identity and Sri Lanka’s strong commitment to preserving the environment.

The flowers are white, fragrant, and are used as herbal ingredients. While the wood is the hardest and longest so that it is not used little for temples, bridges and so on in the past.

The shape of the leaves varies, from thin to thick, measuring 1 × 5 cm to 5 × 18 cm, but often 3 × 10 cm. The leaves are narrow, elongated, oval, long and pointed round. Young leaves at the top are pink and turn green if they are old. The combination that creates the Na tree looks beautiful.

Buah Na is an oval capsule containing 1-3 seeds. The fruit and seeds of Na contain 76% oil and have a high value because they can be used as medicine.

Na trees can be up to 30 meters high and 70 cm in diameter. The inner skin is dark brown. The next coat is filamentous reddish brown and publishes clear color sap. The brown wood is pseudo-brown in pink. The hardwood is red, hardest, solid and thick — the smallest branch, round and hard to see.

This Sri Lankan National Tree is imported directly from the Peradeniya Botanical Garden or the Royal Botanic Gardens Peradeniya (RBG Peradeniya), the first botanical garden in Sri Lanka. Dharshana aspires Na Tree to symbolize good relations and long-term friendship between the people of Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and expand and deepen the relationship between the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens and the Bogor Botanical Gardens.