Easy Ways to Plant and Take Care of Dollar Leaves

For all design lovers or for those of you who want to complete the garden walls, yards, and even your room, you can try placing vines as wall covering. In addition to being attractive and environmentally friendly, when using vines as wall covering is very popular.

Some types of vines that you can make as a wall covering are whips, herds, ragoons, and still not a few more. But did you know that there is one type of vine that is currently the favorite among not a few room designers and architects? Namely dollar leaf creepers, in addition to very easy to grow dollar leaf vegetation has a characteristic that is good as a wall covering.

To get to know more about leaf dollar creepers, this is a brief explanation of dollar leaf creepers. Creeping dollar leaves have the Latin name Ficus Pumila which is classified as a type of plant that treats and is still classified as a species of flowering plant in a family of giving. The leaves of the dollar itself originated from the area of East Asia, namely the plains region of China, Japan, and Vietnam and then spread in all parts of Asia to European and American elements. This plant is believed to be able to bring good luck to its owner, was made a kind of amulet for gambling bettors and sometimes they are entangled in suggestions as well or to tease with friends. If you want to try to register as one of our member, you can search it on internet search engines.

With the broadest distribution district creating dollar-leaf creeping plants, it is not uncommon to sell well in the market, and besides being best used as a wall covering, dollar leaf creep also has an equally unique purpose, you can plant it as a canopy to shade your garden or garden.

In addition to being beneficial to soothing and protecting you from the sun, it also has its artistic value. This is the same as working on How to Plant Pomegranates, and you can plant them yourself at home. Here’s how to put the leaves of dollars creep easily and more simply to help make it easier for you.

# Dollar seeds are slow

The first thing you have to do in the technique of planting dollar propagation is the same as How to Plant Oregano to prepare plant seeds first. There are two kinds of seeds for dollar crop propagation, namely seeds that are collected directly from the plants or made purchases at the plant seed shop.

If you buy propagated dollar seeds at a farm shop or seed shop, then choose seeds that are weighty | weighted | good quality with the characteristics of green seedlings, leaves do not wither, and plants are not defective in the slightest. But if you choose to pick up seeds from the plants directly, here are the steps:

  • Choose propagated dollar leaves that are of good quality and deserve to be broodstock.
  • Cut a knife with many stems of creepy dollars not more than 10 to 15 cm long and make sure that the stem you cut has whole root roots.
  • Have a container containing plain water then soak the creeping dollar bars for not more than 1 to 1 half a day.
  • The next day you have to prepare seedling media for propagating dollar seedlings.
  • Prepare a small polybag and fill it with soil that has been mixed with compost and not much sand with a comparison of 3: 2: 1.
  • Make a planting hole in the seedling media and plug the crevice dollar stem into the planting hole with the majority of the roots sinking by the soil.
  • Flush and place it in a location where the sunlight is laden for not more than 2 months.

# Planting land

For dollar planting land, in contrast to How to Plant Oyong, or plants in general. Because the main destination is placing dollars as a decoration or decoration material so that the walls and fences of your house look more beautiful, then choose a planting place right near your wall or fence. The following are the easy steps for selecting land or propagating dollar fields:

  • Prepare the fringe points of the planter on the fence or wall media that you want first.
  • At each planting point, give a distance of 1 meter and make the planting hole about 30 to 40 cm deep and measure the width of the hole not enough more than 5 to 10 cm.
  • Prepare soil mixed with not much sand, compost or manure and clay with a comparison of 2: 1: 1: 1.
  • Do not forget to loosen the soil before you make a planting hole in your planting area and adjust the humidity and pH of the soil while the dollar leaf creep can thrive.

# Planting dollars is slow

After the land is ready and the seedlings are creeping in for 2 months, the next stage in the technique of planting dollar propagation is the same as How to Plant Wheatgrass, transfer the seeds to the planting land that you have provided. The method is very easy:

  • The first step is first to enter the combined soil to coat the bottom of the planting hole 2 to 5 cm thick.
  • Place polybag media seedlings of creepy dollar seedlings that are ready to plant slowly and transfer the seeds into the planting hole.
  • For each planting hole, you can place 1 to 3 dollar seedlings at a time.
  • After that, close the planting hole using combined soil until it is loaded and compressed so that the propagating dollar plant can stand firmly.
  • Pay attention to the texture of the wall or fence that will be the location of the roots of your creeping dollar plant. If the texture of the walls is smooth, you are advised to install small nails specifically for plants or cable nails on walls with a distance of not more than 50 to 100 cm.
  • But if the texture of your wall is not smooth and rocky, you don’t need to do it because the root of the creepy root can still propagate well.
  • Likewise, if you plant dollar leaf creeping on a fence, you need to tie the crevice of the dollar stem if it has started to grow high at each elevation of 50 to 80 cm.

# Dollar Leaf Treatments Are Slow

For the care that you have to do on the creeping dollar plant in contrast to the technique of treating ornamental plants, you have to do regular watering, regularly installing nails if needed, continued fertilization and weeding and tackling the attacking plant pests. This is so that the dollar plant propagates you can grow well and leaf heavily. Following are the steps:

  • Watering on propagating dollars is certainly a little contrary to other watering techniques. You are required to water plants not only at the point of growing plants or planting land. If the planting area has been moist, you can flush some of the leafy creeps on your wall, so that the leaves do not often look clean. For maximum watering, you can do it twice a day.
  • Also, pay attention to the development of each month’s plants, you are advised to install additional nails if needed. This is to keep the plants from propagating firmly.
  • Also, do further fertilization and weeding of spreading dollar land to thrive and get well-nourished. You can do it every 2 to 3 months.
  • Use enough pesticides to deal with pests that attack your vines.

That’s the technique of planting propagated dollars that you can apply at home. By placing dollars creeping on the wall, or rewarding the location of your residence, the appearance of your house will be more beautiful and comfortable. Good luck.