Alfalfa – Price 2018 Seed Set

At the meeting held in Bologna, the Economic Committee for the multiplication of fodder seeds operating under the national framework contract for the multiplication of fodder seeds indicated the reference price for alfalfa seed certified in nature at 1.30 € / kg , for clean product, ie net of every tare and scrap, as well as any additional bonuses.

“It is undoubtedly a positive sign that the structures participating in the interprofessional agreement have wanted to give the sector in view of a continuous qualification of Italian seed production”, said Roberto Guarnieri , coordinator of the Committee and representative of the industrial part. “The definition of this price was not easy and required several meetings of the inter-professional committee as it was influenced by the extremely significant production results achieved in the last campaign, as in the present, and strongly conditioned by a still very stuck national and international market” .

“The market for alfalfa seed is particular, which is affected by the polyanuality of the crop and in 2018 also by an unfavorable seasonal trend that has seen the collapse of prices, making the destination a non-profitable seed for farms,” ​​he stressed Alessandro Lualdi , president of Coams, the Consortium of seed multiplier farmers and member of the committee. “This is a production that qualifies the Italian agricultural sector: we recognize the effort made this year to support a sector that still needs programming in the short to medium term, to ensure high production standards and economic satisfactions for operators”, he concludes Lualdi.

The official statistics of the CREA-DC, even if it is still not definitive data, show that in 2018 there were just under 50,000 (last year were 37,655) the hectares for which an application for control was presented in the field for of certification , with a constantly growing trend for the past five years. Regarding seed production at the moment official data are not yet available even if the adverse environmental conditions recorded during the production cycle allow to predict lower results than those of the past season.

Grow The Rocket in The Vegetable Garden or in Pot

The rocket is one of the most particular salads, due to its characteristic spicy taste that makes it ideal in the kitchen to give sparkle to different recipes. So a salad that is not just a side dish but can be used in sauces or as an aromatic herb to pair with meats and cheeses, or to put in toast and wraps.

The rocket is also called ruchetta or ruca, its botanical name is Eruca vesicaria and is a plant of the Brassicaceae or cruciferous family, a relative therefore of cabbage and radishes. As a property, the vegetable has a good content of mineral salts and the fresh rocket is also rich in vitamin C.

It is a very simple plant to grow and produce, for this reason, it is a recommended cultivation of the organic family garden. From the point of view of adversity, it often happens to find the leaves punctured by an altica and other small insects, which do more aesthetic damage than substance. The beauty of this crop is that it is very rustic and therefore it can be kept for most of the year, moreover it has a short cultivation cycle, therefore from the sowing to the harvest the step is short. Suitable climate. The rocket is very adaptable and is therefore particularly easy to put in the garden. Like many other crops in the garden, it fears water stagnation, which favors its illness, and drought, which can cause it to prematurely mount to seed. Frosts can damage it but can withstand cold well, withstanding temperatures up to 5 degrees.

A row of rocket The ideal terrain. Any type of soil is fine for growing rocket, with a preference for a soil that is draining but rich in organic substance, tending to dry up with the heat.

Sowing period. The rocket can be sown from March to September, but with the cultivation, in the tunnel, it is, however, possible to prolong the cultivation period and have this fresh salad available for harvest almost all year round. Arugula seeds last a long time: a sachet of seeds purchased during the year can also be used for 4 years. The rocket germinates quickly and has a rapid growth: one week after sowing you will already see the seedlings ticking and after a while, you can collect the first leaves to put in the salad.

Planting or spreading seed. The rocket can be sown quietly in a scattered way, or in rows. The sowing is more rapid, the seeds are thrown and then raked while remaining light, so as to cover them with the earth. Seeding per row, on the other hand, there is the advantage of a better distribution of the plants, which remain well ventilated. In this case, you have to keep 25 cm between the rows and 5/10 cm between the seedlings. The seed must be buried at a little depth, just half a centimeter is enough.