Plants that Brings Fortune to Your House!

Decorative Flowers

As you already know, the function of the presence of plants in the house is that it can be used as a complement to decoration, to make the house cooler, and can be a cure for the disease. But did you know that plants can carry hockey? Yup, believe it or not, now there are many, you know, types of plants that can make your home a place of good luck. Feng Shui experts say that plants can provide positive energy for homeowners and can provide calm. Well, this time, we will discuss any plants that can bring good luck to your home following the review.

1. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

The first lucky plant is peace lily. As the name implies, this plant is believed to be able to bring peaceful energy to anyone who is at home. In addition, peace lily plants are categorized as plants that can purify the air to be fresher and can absorb harmful toxins. Tips for those of you who are interested in putting this plant at home that is not directly exposed to sunlight, therefore you can just put it in the corner of the room.

2. Decorative Bamboo

Decorative Bamboo

Surely you are no stranger to not hear bamboo plants? Yes, bamboo is not only known as a unique plant but is believed to provide positive energy and good fortune for homeowners. Bamboo hockey is suitable for you to put outside or inside the house. This one lucky plant turned out to be able to live on two media tablets, namely land and water media. If you want to put it on the ground media, you must pay attention that bamboo is not strong in direct sunlight. In addition to the water media, do not use too much water because it will rot quickly.

3. Sri Rejeki

Sri Rejeki

As the name implies, the next lucky plant can bring sustenance. Another name for Sri Rejeki is Aglaonema. The leaves have a green color to red color. Believe not believe, the clearer the color of the leaves that appear, the more luck will come. You can put Sri fortune on the terrace of the house, huh!

4. Orchid


The next lucky plant is orchids. Apparently, orchids are believed to be able to give luck in terms of romance, you know! Beautiful orchid shape and color add aesthetic value to this plant. Orchid is perfect for you to put in your bedroom. The advantage possessed by orchids is being able to release oxygen at night, thus making your sleep quality better.

5. Money Tree

Money Tree

Sounds unique? But this tree doesn’t have money. Another name for the money tree is the Pachira Aquatica. This plant has a leaf shape that resembles a human hand because it has five finger leaves with a pointed tip. According to the science of feng shui, money trees are believed to have an effect on health and good fortune, you know! If you want to have a money tree at home, you can put it in the corner of the living room.

So are you interested in putting one of the fortune-carrying plants at home? Who knows, later you can bring good luck to you, you know! Hopefully, this article is useful! Don’t forget, check out other interesting articles only here!

5 Types of Vines that Must Be an Option to Beautify Your Home


It is undeniable, and the increasingly narrow and limited land makes it difficult for new families to have enough space to create a garden or garden in their homes. That is the alternative, making the vertical garden an option for you who want a beautiful atmosphere at home with limited land. Here are some recommendations for hair plants that can embellish home decor without consuming a lot of land. Come on, take a peek at anything!

1. Flame of Irian

Flame of Irian

The first ornamental plant that you can choose is Flame of Irian, which is also quite famous as the Flame of the Forest, or New Guinea Creeper, or also the Red Jade Vine. This plant is derived from the genus Mucuna which you can find in Irian Jaya or Papua. You can put these plants on the side of a fence or pergola to give the impression of more beautiful and refreshing home decor.

2. Wisteria (Wisteria Sinensis)


For those of you who want special flowers in your garden, you can choose Wisteria as a vine for a small garden in your home. Wisteria has flowers that bloom from April to May. In that month, you will find your plants filled only with flowers without leaves. Soon, young leaves will begin to appear. That way, the atmosphere of spring-like abroad will be felt by you. This ornamental plant is available in two color choices, namely purple and white.

3. Alamanda Plants


If you like the Mandevilla plant, you will definitely love the Alamanda vines. Both at a glance look similar to the shape of different petals. Well, this Alamanda has colorful petals and can grow dense, you know. Very suitable to be selected as a plant mounted on a fence or pergola. However, given that this plant is very dense make sure the media where you plant it must be strong enough, yes!

4. Shower Orchid

Shower Orchid

Well, if you are lazy enough to sweep and clean the fallen petals or fertilize the plants, try to plant a Shower Orchid in your home. This Orchid Shower has an advantage because the flower petals are very strong and do not fall off easily. Not only that, but you also only need to fertilize it every four months. Although it is called “orchid”, this flower is not included in the types of orchids. However, he still looks beautiful, and his character, who likes the sun’s heat, can make your house feel cooler.

5. Hedera


Finally, an ornamental plant that is also highly recommended for you who have a house with limited space is Hedera. This injury has benefits as a plant that can clean the air. The types are actually quite diverse with different leaf shapes such as shiny green leaves, long leaves, and white-patterned green leaves. This plant is widely used as a hanging plant, wall and fence propagators, and canopy plants.

That’s five types of vines that you can choose for home decoration with limited space. I hope it is useful, guys!

8 Unique, Rare and Most Expensive Bonsai Tree in the World

8 Unique, Rare and Most Expensive Bonsai Tree in the World

Bonsai is a beautiful, unique, and rare tree plant. Who would have thought there was an expensive bonsai that made everyone curious? This is a list of the most expensive bonsai in the world.

Bonsai also represent wealth and believe to increase the luck of it’s owner, especially when the owner betting judi sbobet in Christmas Bowl Match, there is quite a lot of people bring their bonsai in the game to get lucky. This time Wwooflk will discuss the 8 most expensive bonsai trees in the world that are beautiful, unique, and rare. Let’s see the full discussion!

Bonsai, Unique Little Tree

Who doesn’t know bonsai plants? Surely after reading this article you will be amazed to know that the tree that we usually see turns out to make a lot of people competing, you know to make it unusual.

As is known that variations of this type originated from Asia. Japan is a country that is very enthusiastic in cultivating bonsai. Bonsai itself is cared for since childhood and is cut and shaped so that the model is unique compared to the original tree.

There have been many bonsai trees in Indonesia for decades ago. Moreover, because the Japanese had colonized Indonesia, some of its cultures were carried over.

Also, nowadays many young people or teenagers are affected by J-wave or waves of Japanese culture where they admire many of these plants.

Many people are often surprised by the very high price of bonsai. However, the price is very reasonable, considering the way the tree is breeding very complicated.

From the nursery process to fertilizing and cutting tree parts must be done systematically using special methods that not everyone can do.

Are you curious? Below is a list of 8 famous and most unique bonsai in the world.

Shrunken Bonsai by Kunio Kobayashi (800 years old)

If we hear 800 years, of course, our shadow is an 800-year-old bonsai tree, and this tree belongs to the most expensive bonsai tree in the world. The tree that is owned by Mr. Kobayashi has won the bonsai championship for 4 times in a row, and the name Shunkaen is the name of the city of four bonsai trees not far from Tokyo.

For information about this bonsai, you can access through the profile of Kunio Kobayashi, who is a famous bonsai collector from Japan.

The Little Bonsai “The Shohin” by Morten Albek

An artistic horizontal Bonsai is named after the Shohin. The photo was taken in the spring. In summer the flowers will bloom, and in winter the colors will be red with stripes.

Did you know that this tree is only 9.5 cm in size and is beautiful on a miniature rock? The age of this tree is around 20 years. And the picture was taken about a decade ago.

Silvestris Pine Bonsai by Stefano Frisoni

This pine tree looks perfect and real, how not as we all together note that the base is very shady and fits precision as if it was cloudy the surrounding natural conditions.

Ghosin “The Protector of the Soul” by John Naka

The list in second place is Bonsai which is given the nickname “The Protector of the Soul.” John Naka maintains this bonsai. Initially, Mr. Naka began to care for him in 1948, which he later donated to the national bonsai development center in the United States and has been there until now. This type of bonsai is really popular among professional poker player as the ultimate lucky charm. They bidding to have this tree with a hope to win their match in any game that they played.

For more details, we can access the profile of John Naka, who until now continues to develop bonsai cultivation.

Flowering Bonsai by Wolfgang Putz

The next bonsai is called flowering bonsai, which is an Azalea type tree that only has a height of 5 cm from the ground surface. This bonsai tree is planted and is on a Japanese pot. We can also find out more in-depth details at Wolfgang Putz.

Mame Bonsai by Morten Albek

This bonsai is displayed as a Mame and consists of a bonsai tree as its center, and there is an accent for decoration that can be shared so that all will become a unity of beautiful scenery, celebrations now often use models like this.

Kimura Bonsai

Last but not least the bonsai belongs to teacher Masahiko Kimura. This bonsai is a variation that is famous all over the world. Beginning at the age of 15, Mr. Kimura learned from Mr. Hamano in the bonsai city of Omiya.

To better understand and get to know, please visit Kimura‚Äôs Bonsai Garden, or directly visit Masahiko Kimura’s profile.

Japanese Maple by Walter Pall

One of the many famous bonsai owned by Europeans (Walter Pall), judging from its shape, this tree is very realistic and charming. This maple is about one meter high and is more than a century old. Is a masterpiece that can not be refuted.