Agriculture and the environment, in Altavilla the meeting with Gal Partenio

Agriculture and environment as strategic axes around which to build the development of a territory, it is on this premise that Gal Partenio organizes for Saturday, April 13, a day of confrontation and reflection, in Altavilla Irpina at the Baronial Palace, entirely dedicated to perspectives related to environmental protection and rural innovation.

“The strategic interventions of Gal Partenio in favor of innovation in agriculture and environmental protection”, this is the title of the day which will take place in two sessions, one morning (10.00 am – 1.00 pm) in which we will talk about the environment and the protection of natural resources and an afternoon (15.00 – 17.45) during which we will discuss research and innovation in agriculture and social agriculture.

With the participation of administrators, associations and various bodies, with the aim of understanding the dynamics, the phenomena and the territorial characteristics that affect the territory and elaborating a package of concrete proposals to be nominated in all the appropriate venues (local, regional, national) and European). The day will close with a comparison with the Campania Region, starting at 6.00 pm, during a plenary session and concluding with the participation of the President of the Agriculture Committee of the Campania Region, Maurizio Petracca, of the President of the Regional Council Rosetta D’Amelio and the Vice President of the Regional Council, Fulvio Bonavitacola.

The event is organized in collaboration with: Municipality of Altavilla, Coldiretti Campania, Cia Avellino, Confagricoltura Avellino, Acli Terra Avellino, Consortium for the Protection of Irpinia Wines, CREA Caserta, Slow Food Avellino, Department DEMM University of Sannio, Isca of Women – Consorzio Percorsi, Demetra SO. Coop. Social, La Casa sulla Roccia, National Forum on Social Agriculture, WWF Sannio Irpinia, Cai Irpinia, Irpinia Trekking, Partenio Regional Park, Campania Region.

This is the program of the day. Registration of participants is scheduled at 10.00. At 10.30 am, the institutional greetings with Mario Vanni, mayor of Altavilla Irpina. At 10.40 am the opening of the meeting with Luca Beatrice, president of Gal Partenio, and Maurizio Reveruzzi, coordinator of Gal Partenio.

At 10.50 round table on the theme “Environment and protection of natural resources” with the speeches of Tonino Maffei, President Irpinia Trekking, of Vito Abate, President of CAI Irpinia, of Franco Mazza, President of the Association “Save the Valley of the Sabbath” and ISDE Provincial Referent, of Camillo Campolongo, President of the WWF Sannio Irpinia Association, of Franco Iovino, President of the Partenio Regional Park and of Romeo Melillo, Cabinet Executive President of the Campania Region – Environment.

At 3.00 pm resumption of work with the session dedicated to agriculture. After the speeches by Luca Beatrice and Maurizio Reveruzzi, there will be a round table entitled “Research and innovation in agriculture” with the participation of Salvatore Loffreda, Director of Coldiretti Campania, by Michele Masuccio, President of CIA Avellino, by Angelo Frattolillo, President of Confagricoltura Avellino, by Rocco Di Pietro, President of Acli Terra Avellino, by Stefano Di Marzo, President of the Consortium for the Protection of Irpinia wines, by Giuseppe Capriolo, CREAOFA Caserta official, by Maria Elena Napodano, Slow Food Conducted by Avellino, by Giuseppe Marotta , Director of DEMM University of Sannio and of Filippo Diasco, General Manager of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies | Campania Region.

At 17.00 the round table dedicated to Social Agriculture with the participation of Adele Galdo, Psychologist of “Isca delle Donne – Consorzio Percorsi”, by Mary Faticato, Project Area Manager – Demetra Soc. Coop. Social and La Casa sulla Roccia, by Giuliano Ciano, Spokesperson for National Social Agriculture Forum and by Angelo Moretti, General Director of the Salt Consortium of Earth

At 18.00 the plenary session with the report of the previous sessions. Institutional representatives of the Campania Region take part: Maurizio Petracca, President of the Campania Region Agriculture Commission, Rosetta D’Amelio, President of the Regional Council of Campania, and Fulvio Bonavitacola, Vice-president of the Campania Regional Council. Luca Beatrice, President of Gal Partenio spoke.