5 Types of Vines that Must Be an Option to Beautify Your Home

It is undeniable, and the increasingly narrow and limited land makes it difficult for new families to have enough space to create a garden or garden in their homes. That is the alternative, making the vertical garden an option for you who want a beautiful atmosphere at home with limited land. Here are some recommendations for hair plants that can embellish home decor without consuming a lot of land. Come on, take a peek at anything!

1. Flame of Irian

Flame of Irian

The first ornamental plant that you can choose is Flame of Irian, which is also quite famous as the Flame of the Forest, or New Guinea Creeper, or also the Red Jade Vine. This plant is derived from the genus Mucuna which you can find in Irian Jaya or Papua. You can put these plants on the side of a fence or pergola to give the impression of more beautiful and refreshing home decor.

2. Wisteria (Wisteria Sinensis)


For those of you who want special flowers in your garden, you can choose Wisteria as a vine for a small garden in your home. Wisteria has flowers that bloom from April to May. In that month, you will find your plants filled only with flowers without leaves. Soon, young leaves will begin to appear. That way, the atmosphere of spring-like abroad will be felt by you. This ornamental plant is available in two color choices, namely purple and white.

3. Alamanda Plants


If you like the Mandevilla plant, you will definitely love the Alamanda vines. Both at a glance look similar to the shape of different petals. Well, this Alamanda has colorful petals and can grow dense, you know. Very suitable to be selected as a plant mounted on a fence or pergola. However, given that this plant is very dense make sure the media where you plant it must be strong enough, yes!

4. Shower Orchid

Shower Orchid

Well, if you are lazy enough to sweep and clean the fallen petals or fertilize the plants, try to plant a Shower Orchid in your home. This Orchid Shower has an advantage because the flower petals are very strong and do not fall off easily. Not only that, but you also only need to fertilize it every four months. Although it is called “orchid”, this flower is not included in the types of orchids. However, he still looks beautiful, and his character, who likes the sun’s heat, can make your house feel cooler.

5. Hedera


Finally, an ornamental plant that is also highly recommended for you who have a house with limited space is Hedera. This injury has benefits as a plant that can clean the air. The types are actually quite diverse with different leaf shapes such as shiny green leaves, long leaves, and white-patterned green leaves. This plant is widely used as a hanging plant, wall and fence propagators, and canopy plants.

That’s five types of vines that you can choose for home decoration with limited space. I hope it is useful, guys!